Learning More About the Betterment Investing Platform

Investing is a critical part of financial health today. If you want to create a better future for you and your family then you need to invest wisely. The upside is that technology has brought more options for investing to individuals than any other time in history. It also had made it easier. We are going to discuss one of these investments platforms. We want to help you in learning more about the Betterment investing platform.


What is Betterment?

You have probably seen the commercials for several online investing platforms. The most widely advertised one is E-trade. Betterment offers much the same features with some very specific differences. They are an automated investment tool. This allows individuals to quickly and easily manage their investments all in one place.

Proven Track Record

Anytime that you consider an investment platform; you want to look at their track record. This provides you an overview with how well they have performed for other investors. You want to find one that has consistently provided great results. Betterment currently boasts over 120,000 active investors. These investors are using this service to manage over $3 billion. That is quite a successful track record.