How Technology Has Improved Our Choices

When it comes to revolutionary technology, nothing has come close to topping the internet. It’s given us an immense amount of convenience and choice when it comes to products and services. It’s pretty incredible that it’s only been around for a little over two decades now. One wonders how far it’ll go and how quickly.

The choice and major technological advancements have also allowed for gaps in many markets. Even random niches like plus size lingerie are now being taken over by smaller, more efficient companies who can better meet the consumers needs. Angelique Lingerie is one of the best online retailers for BBW intimates, but it’s a no name anywhere else offline. Why? Because the internet has created that opportunity.

Learning More About the Betterment Investing Platform

Investing is a critical part of financial health today. If you want to create a better future for you and your family then you need to invest wisely. The upside is that technology has brought more options for investing to individuals than any other time in history. It also had made it easier. We are going to discuss one of these investments platforms. We want to help you in learning more about the Betterment investing platform.


What is Betterment?

You have probably seen the commercials for several online investing platforms. The most widely advertised one is E-trade. Betterment offers much the same features with some very specific differences. They are an automated investment tool. This allows individuals to quickly and easily manage their investments all in one place.

Proven Track Record

Anytime that you consider an investment platform; you want to look at their track record. This provides you an overview with how well they have performed for other investors. You want to find one that has consistently provided great results. Betterment currently boasts over 120,000 active investors. These investors are using this service to manage over $3 billion. That is quite a successful track record.

Best Ecommerce Software Features to Increase Your Profits

You probably remember the glut of online ecommerce websites during the early 2000s “online boom”. Unfortunately, this gave ecommerce a bad name for many “brick and mortar” business owners.

In recent years, online commerce has once again proved its worth and has emerged as more than a trend for business – especially small business.  To stay away from ecommerce is leaving profits on the table. At the same time, you should be careful which ecommerce software features you use and who you partner with.  Don’t run out and buy just any ecommerce software.


So, what are the best ecommerce software features that will help increase your profits?

– Great Analytical Tools

You work hard to get visitors to your business. You offer a great product lineup and you are getting some sales. The only glitch in your business setup is that your current ecommerce software features really don’t tell you much about these visitors. What is the point of attracting these visitors if you do nothing with the data? Quality platforms, like the eCommerce shopping cart by PinnacleCart, should offer a proper analysis tool that collects:

  • What products customers are looking at?
  • What products customers buy together?
  • How many leave without buying?

There are many ecommerce software platforms out there that offer much more than this, but this is the basic information that you want to collect. It allows you to offer product bundles that customer might be interested in. It also allows you to understand which product pages are producing more sales than others.

Top 5 Latest Technology News Stories

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Technology is part of our lives. Most of us couldn’t imagine being without our cell phones, laptops, tablets, not to mention our TVs. We are used to seeing news stories about Technology. But, every once in a while there is a story technology story that shocks us and/or alludes to a possible shift coming. Recently, there have been several such stories. That is why we are sharing the top 5 latest technology news stories.

Google Searches Hit All Time Low

For over 10 years, Google has controlled over 75% of the search engine market. Their reign seemed to be as unbeatable as the chance that Microsoft Windows would stop being sold on all new PCs. For the first time in 7 years, Google’s share dropped below 75%. But, this slip could show that there maybe a few chinks in Google’s armor. This drop is widely attributed to Firefox changing the default search engine from Google to Yahoo. It does make one wonder if all the algorithm changes over the last couple years could also be part of the issue.

7 Aim for Moon in Google Lunar XPRIZE

Google started the XPRIZE a few years ago. It offers $30 million to the private team that can get to the moon first. The fact that the prize exists doesn’t make it one of the latest stories. But, how close some of the teams are does. Seven of the team has announced that they have contracts to go to the Moon and they plan to get there in the next couple of years.

You Haven’t Seen This Online Backup Software List on Buzzfeed


We won’t spend much time on an introduction.

This is simply a list of online backup software that helps protect your data:

This was one of the original online backup services. They are still one of the largest. This works by installing a program on your computer. You can back up all your files yourself, choose which files to backup, or have Carbonite performs backups automatically according to the schedule you create. For $59.99 a year, you are given unlimited storage for 1 computer.

There is many features of IDrive that are quickly catapulting it to the top of the heap. You are given 1 TB of storage versus Carbonites unlimited storage. But, that is only a slight downside compared to its benefits. This is a continuous backup system. When you are working on a document then it is continually being saved as different versions. They also offer local backup options. You can start with a free version that provides 5 GB of storage. This service costs $59.50 per year.

6 Reasons the Amish Were Right About 2015 Coolest Gadgets

Learning anything from the Amish about electronics seems odd. After all, they do not believe in them. They don’t use electricity and plow fields with horses. They believe that by forgoing modern advances that they are keeping themselves closer to God. When we look at gadgets released this year, we see 6 reasons the Amish were right about 2015 Coolest Gadgets.

Technology Minimizes Personal Contact

The Amish lifestyle requires them to know their neighbors, be part of their community, and actually talk to people face-to-face. Smartphones allowed texting to replace human conversation even on the phone. If you have teenagers then you have seen this phenomenon. They sit across the room – or even beside their friends – and text them rather than have a conversation.

This year we saw the Razor OSVR released. It is a virtual reality device that allows you to immerse yourself in another world. It is easy to see how this can further reduce personal contact. You now cannot only avoid actually talking to another person but avoid the world altogether.

5 Uses for Video Editing Software

eCommerce can be a treaty business to be in. Affiliate marketing is similar. Incorporating video can be a major competitive advantage, and has been known to help increase conversion rates and overall sales.

If you have been doing business on the internet for very long then you have seen a huge change. The days of simply putting up any kind of site, getting a few backlinks, and watching traffic roll in are gone.

Today, getting search engine traffic is all about creating content that gets noticed. This paired with the rise of YouTube put more focus on providing information through videos. There are many video editing software programs available. To get your creative juices flowing, we have listed 5 uses for Video Editing Software.


Turn Boring Video Into Engaging Presentations

When we first saw home video cameras then these shoulder mounted monsters allowed us to document important moments. But, once we had them on film then there wasn’t much you could do with them. Editing was reserved for professionals.

Today, we can take videos with everything from our phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc. But, we are not stuck with these simple videos. This software allows us to add music, backgrounds, move portions around, delete sections, add special effects, etc. The power that was once reserved to only professional editors is now available at home.