Best Ecommerce Software Features to Increase Your Profits

Best Ecommerce Software Features to Increase Your Profits

You probably remember the glut of online ecommerce websites during the early 2000s “online boom”. Unfortunately, this gave ecommerce a bad name for many “brick and mortar” business owners.

In recent years, online commerce has once again proved its worth and has emerged as more than a trend for business – especially small business.  To stay away from ecommerce is leaving profits on the table. At the same time, you should be careful which ecommerce software features you use and who you partner with.  Don’t run out and buy just any ecommerce software.


So, what are the best ecommerce software features that will help increase your profits?

– Great Analytical Tools

You work hard to get visitors to your business. You offer a great product lineup and you are getting some sales. The only glitch in your business setup is that your current ecommerce software features really don’t tell you much about these visitors. What is the point of attracting these visitors if you do nothing with the data? Quality platforms, like the eCommerce shopping cart by PinnacleCart, should offer a proper analysis tool that collects:

  • What products customers are looking at?
  • What products customers buy together?
  • How many leave without buying?

There are many ecommerce software platforms out there that offer much more than this, but this is the basic information that you want to collect. It allows you to offer product bundles that customer might be interested in. It also allows you to understand which product pages are producing more sales than others.

– Supply Chain Management

You may simply think of a shopping cart platform as a tool that offers ecommerce software features and allows people to order online, but quality software can do much more than that. You want an ecommerce solution that will track inventory, allow customers to track their order, request a returns, track the return, and even request orders from suppliers when the inventory of a product gets low.

– Help Run Your Warehouse

Believe it or not, great ecommerce software features can help run your warehouse. This may sound like a dream, but it’s actually quite simple how this is achieved. The software can track orders each day and produce a list of what needs to be picked and pulled. These lists don’t have to be paper. They can be emailed, shown on tablets, and most platforms will even send them to your phone.

– Tracking the Entire Customer Relationship Cycle

The goal of any ecommerce site is to get more than one sale from a customer by managing the relationship. To do this, you need a great way to track the Customer Relationship Cycle. By tracking which products a customer has bought, you can contact them with sales on similar products, notify them when new products are released they may be interested in, and even provide a newsletter with articles of interest.

There are many ecommerce software features that can be found in the top ranked shopping cart software. These are just four examples but they are among the most important to help ensure the highest profits. To get started, find the best ecommerce software for your niche, one that allows you to analyze how customers interact with your site, will help you run each step of your supply chain, and that offering tracking that allows you to maximize revenue from each customer. When you start looking for a program, remember these features and implement them within your business.

What ecommerce software features do you feel are the best for your online business?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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