You Haven’t Seen This Online Backup Software List on Buzzfeed

You Haven’t Seen This Online Backup Software List on Buzzfeed


We won’t spend much time on an introduction.

This is simply a list of online backup software that helps protect your data:

This was one of the original online backup services. They are still one of the largest. This works by installing a program on your computer. You can back up all your files yourself, choose which files to backup, or have Carbonite performs backups automatically according to the schedule you create. For $59.99 a year, you are given unlimited storage for 1 computer.

There is many features of IDrive that are quickly catapulting it to the top of the heap. You are given 1 TB of storage versus Carbonites unlimited storage. But, that is only a slight downside compared to its benefits. This is a continuous backup system. When you are working on a document then it is continually being saved as different versions. They also offer local backup options. You can start with a free version that provides 5 GB of storage. This service costs $59.50 per year.

CrashPlan doesn’t have all extensive benefits of IDrive. But, it is very capable of protecting your files. Of course, you can save your files online. You also can save them to a local storage drive or another computer connected to your network. This gives you a multi-layer backup system. The program interface is very easy to use. There isn’t a learning curve. They also offer very high upload speeds. This is attractive at $59.99 a year.

SOS Online Backup
Test proved this service provides several important benefits. The user interface is very easy to learn and use. Several tests showed that they offer the fastest online backups. All files and versions are never deleted; they are simply saved to an archive. You also can back up data for Facebook and mobile apps. You can backup both external and network drives. You can share files and are provided with a backup app for easy use. It joins many other services at $59.99 a year.

This is one of the more expensive services in our list. They are worth mentioning because their sole focus is on security and privacy. Once you backup your files then only one person knows the password to decrypt the files…YOU!! SpiderOak has no way of getting the password. This may seem like a problem. But, this means that not even the government can get your password either. If you are looking for a solution that provides the highest level of privacy then the $129.00/year price tag is probably worth it.

This is the cheapest online service on our list at only $50.00 a year. We have to admit that they did not test as having the fastest backups. They do offer unlimited storage for one computer. What they lack in speed, they make up for in ease of use. Their setup process is extremely simple. The downside is that if you like to be able to decide what is included in your backups then this is not for you. It only has one setting. It will backup everything.

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